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Products designed to save lives

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Ceasefire does not merely make products but offers lifesaving solutions. Our product or lifesaving solutions as we like to call them, range from fire extinguishers, special application extinguishers, total flooding systems, micro environment suppression systems to special application systems like the Ceasefire Kitchen Fire Protection range.

​Our products are manufactured in the company's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and pass the most stringent quality checks and meet some of the highest quality & safety benchmarks laid down in the world. Today an extensive range of our product solutions are certified by LPCB, BSI Kitemark, MED, PED along with other reputed certifications like ISO 9001 and OHSAS.

​At Ceasefire, along with a 360-degree unified fire fighting range we have built an equally robust distribution model that ensures our products reach the customers where they want them and how they want them..

What makes us uniquely positioned in the industry?

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Business Functiins
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Specialised Business Verticals to meet the demands of unique sets of customers. 

We have a dynamic distribution system that has dedicated distribution verticals to reach out and address the needs of customers in unique segments with unique requirements and risks. 

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Ceasefire  Commercial Sales  Division:  A Flagship distribution vertical of the company which offers the entire range of Ceasefire product solutions to customers ranging from the  middle to the base of the market pyramid.

Government  &  Institutional Sales Division:   A dedicated division of Ceasefire that caters exclusively   to the Central & State Government Bodies, Ministries, Military, PSUs and Government Institutions.

Ceasefire Projects Division:  The division, supported by a 400  plus strong technical team,  undertakes turnkey fire safety & security projects for large customers.


Client Services & Training Division:   This is a specialized Services division of the company that  offers after sales services and allied products to the entire population of Ceasefire customers.

Ceasefire Systems Division:    An elite distribution division of Ceasefire which has the mandate to  sell & commission  Ceasefire's state-of-the-art Fire Safety & Security Systems to the top notch blue chip customers of  the company.

Ceasefire  Enterprise  Division: This distribution entity of Ceasefire has the mandate to sell and build relationship with the corporate customers of the company at the top of the market pyramid.

Ceasefire  Commercial Kitchen Division:  This distribution arm of Ceasefire is dedicated to sell Ceasefire's Specialized fire safety solutions in the hospitality sector.

Ceasefire Business Associate Division:  The newest distribution vertical that appoints Ceasefire dealership networks across the country and sells to the listed establishments.

Ceasefire Export Division:  Forges alliances in the international markets and appoints Ceasefire dealership network overseas.

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If you are fresher and have recently completed your graduation / post graduation and wish to build your career in the growth-assuring business development function then this role is for you .

This is an entry level position to put your career in the managerial cadre of the company and fast-track yourself to growth. The organisation will hand hold you at every step of the way in the journey. You simply need the right attitude to learn and grow and must have interest in meeting people, making presentations and sales. Willingness to learn and good communication skills are an absolute must for this role.   

  • Freshers or upto minimum 2 years of work experience in sales profile.​

  • Should have good communication, selling and negotiation skills.

  • Organized, detail oriented, and strong time management skills.

Ceasefire Management Trainees

Business Development Managers


If you like communicating with people and have a flair for sales, you are best suited for this role. You are required to reach out to SMEs, institutions and corporates to understand their fire safety needs and proposing them appropriate fire fighting solutions.

The role also includes establishing, developing and maintaining business relationship with prospective customers in the assigned territory to generate business. You should be ready to generates leads & proactively follow-ups on them, convincing them to closure. You must possess good communication, presentation and sales closing skills.

  • Minimum 2-3 years of work experience in sales.

  • Should have good communication, selling and negotiation skills.

  • Organised, detail oriented, and should have strong time management skills 

  • Should be able to work in a fast- paced & target-driven environment.

  • Self-motivated and able to work both independently and in a team.

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