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At Ceasefire, we ensure that every product is engineered to perfection.

In fact, we're so confident about our manufacturing process and finished products that we submit them before  every leading Indian and international certification agency - to see if they hold up against their stringent, highly brutal testing criteria. 

certified by the world landing page-04.p

Today, Ceasefire products conform to the highest standards and carry a host of international and Indian certifications.  

Certifications that put

quality to the test.

There are no second chances in the fight against fire. That’s why it is important to ensure your firefighting equipment is certified by authorised agencies. These certifications ensure the equipment functions at its optimal best in case of a fire.

International certifications standards require every individual component of an extinguisher or system to be rigorously tested.

The raw materials are checked and their suppliers, audited.

​Each product is also checked thoroughly on the production quality line.

​The manufacturing facility undergoes an audit as well, to ensure it complies with all Factory Production Certifications.

​After which, the entire after-sales services system is audited to examine the level of support provided for installation, maintenance, customer information and the complaint redressal system.

​Products are also randomly recalled from clients’ premises and checked from time to time to retain the validity of the certifications.

The Benefits of Certified Products

More Firefighting Power

Certification standards put products through a battery of stringent tests. This means our products are better qualified to successfully fight a fire.  

Superior  Service 

The certification process regularly check our after- sales service as well. These regular checks insure our customer service never falters and our customers experience the best we have to offer, every time.

Ceasefire understands and fulfills all the specific requirements of internationals and Indian certifying agencies. It's why our products carry  the certifications required to be trusted by the world. 

Superior Quality

Certifications guarantee a top-notch, action-ready product. Through internal routine audits and external inspections, we ensure our quality systems are consistent with Indian and international industry  standards at all times. 

Transparent online verification

When a product is certified by LPCB, the verification information is made available on redbooklive.com for anyone to check and verify. This ensures complete transparency  

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