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Ceasefire invites 

"MEP consultants, Architects, Electrical & HVAC Consultants, Projects & Design professionals & consultancy firms" to take the Ceasefire edge and safeguard your projects against fire.


Fire safety; central to the idea of building safe spaces 

No one knows this better than you that a construction project is much more than creating an aesthetically pleasing edifice. Its about designing the structure for strength, laying a strong foundation and paying attention to every building block that would result into a premises that is safe and secure for decades for its occupants.


A very important aspect involved in creating safe buildings is to build these structures fire safe and keep them so always.  Today, fire safety is at the very core of keeping a premises safe and this crucial responsibility of keeping the spaces fire safe lies with you for your projects.


This is a huge responsibility that you carry.

Ceasefire, India’s most trusted fire safety brand and a fast emerging global conglomerate, invites you to partner with us to keep your projects fire safe.

Why Ceasefire?

One stop for all that your project needs around fire safety

Ceasefire today offers a full-spectrum product range comprising of fire extinguishers to highly specialised suppression systems under one roof. This holistically integrated range ensures that you do not need to go anywhere else for the fire safety needs of your projects.


Ceasefire range of solutions includes: 


Complete line of Fire Extinguishers including ABC Powder, Foam, Water, CO2, Clean agent, Watermist & Special Application based extinguishers.



Specialised Gas Based Suppression Systems (includes HFC227ea, Fluroketone, CO2 and Inert Gas based Systems).

Advanced Watermist based indoor systems for applications in Offices, Factories, Warehouses, Generator Rooms and Transformer areas.

In-Panel Fire Suppression Systems for exclusive application in Electrical panels, Server racks, Fuse Boxes, Cable Trays, etc .

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems (Includes Watermist based and Wet Chemical Based Commercial Kitchen and Domestic Kitchen Systems) 

Completely independent Watermist Based Hydrant


An extensive range of Fire Alarm Systems comprising of

Conventional Addressable, Wireless and Standalone Systems

Evacuation Solutions spanning for Glow-in-Dark Fire

Exit Signages, Marking Strips, Escape Gear and more. 



Range of Accessories including Strolleys, Fire Suits, and more.

Quality endorsed by the

Today our range of extinguishers and specialised systems meet, and in most cases surpass, the most brutal test standards ever laid out in the world by the most reputed quality agencies from across the globe.

These agencies, each one of whom epitomise certification audit with their own unique parameters of safety and performance, include LPCB, BSI, MED, PED, ISO and OHSAS.

The factory control process (FCP) requirement of these certifications are today deeply embedded into our manufacturing facility, whereby smallest of a process and tiniest of a component today falls in the purview of the quality audit by these agencies. 


With the global certifications certifications in place, Ceasefire is the only brand in the Indian market to offer a product range that is certified to dual standards: Indian + European.  


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End to End

What truly differentiates Ceasefire in the market place is how the company is uniquely positioned to offer to Architects, Consultants and Projects & Design professionals end-to-end solutions for everything they need around fire protection for their projects. 

In-house Design Cell

A key part of Ceasefire's offerings is the company’s in-house Design Cell. The cell comprises of a highly experienced and qualified team of Product Developers, Fire Experts, Engineers and draftsmen who:

  • Custom-Design Ceasefire's firefighting solutions to meet the unique requirements &  challenges associated with client's premises.

  • The Design Team is based out of multiple geographical locations of Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

  • This team works closely with Architects & Consultants to ensure that the fire fighting systems are designed considering the risks associated with the premise and to comply with the statutory requirements meeting the national and state fire codes.

  • Uses the very latest in technology, tools and softwares like Pipenet, Autocad, Caesar and Room Integrated Testing Softwares.

State-of-the-art Manufacturing facility

Ceasefire's manufacturing facility is a fully backwardly-integrated facility where the company's product offering aren't just manufactured, but are engineered to perfection to become the lifesaving solutions that they truly are.   

  • A world class deep draw station for container manufacturing

  • In-house valve manufacturing unit

  • State-of-the-art MIG CO2 welding station 

  • Best in class paint shop

  • A fully equipped testing lab

  • A total production capacity of 4.8 lakh products per annum

  • ISO 9001 certified facility

  • Complies with OHSAS

  • Has PESO approval for pressure filling

  • State-of-the-art CNC machines

  • Over 170 skilled manpower

  • Most advanced Quality control lab

  • Production that complies with EN3, EN1866, MED, PED and FPC requirements.

  • Tie-ups with the world's leading OEMs to customise components to our exact specifications ensure nothing but the best products.

Highly versatile Project
Execution Team

Ceasefire’s Project Execution team comprises of 125 highly qualified and experienced project managers, engineers and skilled technicians.


These professionals execute a diverse variety of projects, spread across business segments and are experts in commissioning systems for holistic fire safety. 


The professionals drive teams to deliver projects in the most challenging and demanding conditions and environments without compromising of quality, safety and timelines of project delivery.


The team is capable of executing Factory Mutual (FM) approved projects and familiar with all fire safety standards like the National Building Code (NBC).


Today our extinguishers and systems protect the most varied kind of environment and spaces including Offices, Factories, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Malls, Hotels, Restaurants, Cinema Halls, Auditoriums, Indian Railways and Military Establishments and Facilities of extremely high strategic value.


With these unique environments comes our rich experience and expertise in addressing the highly diverse risks & challenges associated with these premises. This knowledge becomes extremely valuable when it comes to working out for you the most suitable solutions for your projects.    

Learn about:

We protect every kind
of environment and space

You being the one who has transformed designs on paper to landmarks

in the real world, Ceasefire invites you to explore its world-class fire safety solutions and truly secure your creations.