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360° fire and security solutions for

Hotels Central Kitchens 

Central Kitchens_Hotels.jpg

Risk Areas

  • Short circuit

  • Short circuit in appliances

  • Oil fires

  • LPG Fire

Know  About Optimum Protection
(Fire  and  Security  Audit  Norms)

Ceasefire Recommends


Portable Watermist & Wetchemical Fire Extinguishers

Eco-friendly multipurpose fire extinguishers that reduce post-fire collateral damage and leave no residue behind. Perfect for areas where there's an abundance of ultra-sensitive electronic equipment.


Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems

Designed to put out kitchen fires without causing any collateral damage.

Alarm Solutions

Ceasefire’s detection’s range is the result of extensive hardware and software product design and development. These Gen-next systems are equipped with a variety of detectors that can not just sense smoke, but heat & flames as well. Be it wired or wireless, all the products are extensively tested in the world’s largest, purpose-built, state-of-art fire test laboratory to guarantee that even the largest scale designs are fully proven in real fire conditions.

Escape Route Signages.png


Designed to ensure safe passage through limited visibility conditions, Ceasefire’s Evacuation Solutions are put together with one aim in mind: to save lives.

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