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Ceasefire  Commercial Sales  Division:  A Flagship distribution vertical of the company which offers the entire range of Ceasefire product solutions to customers ranging from the  middle to the base of the market pyramid.


Government  &  Institutional Sales Division:   A dedicated division of Ceasefire that caters exclusively   to the Central & State Government Bodies, Ministries, Military, PSUs and Government Institutions.


Ceasefire Projects Division:  The division, supported by a 400  plus strong technical team,  undertakes turnkey fire safety & security projects for large customers.



Client Services & Training Division:   This is a specialized Services division of the company that  offers after sales services and allied products to the entire population of Ceasefire customers.


Ceasefire Systems Division:    An elite distribution division of Ceasefire which has the mandate to  sell & commission  Ceasefire's state-of-the-art Fire Safety & Security Systems to the top notch blue chip customers of  the company.


Ceasefire  Enterprise  Division: This distribution entity of Ceasefire has the mandate to sell and build relationship with the corporate customers of the company at the top of the market pyramid.


Ceasefire  Commercial Kitchen Division:  This distribution arm of Ceasefire is dedicated to sell Ceasefire's Specialized fire safety solutions in the hospitality sector.


Ceasefire Business Associate Division:  The newest distribution vertical that appoints Ceasefire dealership networks across the country and sells to the listed establishments.


Ceasefire Export Division:  Forges alliances in the international markets and appoints Ceasefire dealership network overseas.

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