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Every minute of downtime means a waste of resources and manpower, production targets missed and deadlines not met. Which is why the experts have mapped together the best in firefighting and security, to ensure that your factory runs smoothly and efficiently, while keeping track of the comings and goings of workers, and even securing certain areas for specific personnel.

After thorough investigation and careful consideration, here’s what the experts recommend to protect your premises.

Select the area you want to secure

Front Office Reception.jpg

Front Office / Reception

Lab Testing Area.jpg

Lab Testing Area

Dockyard Area.jpg

Dockyard Area



Paint Shop Area.jpg

Paint Shop Area

Gas Godown Room.jpg

Gas Godown Room

Perimeter, Main Entrance.jpg

Main Entrance

Packing Area.jpg

Packing Area

Electrical Panel.jpg

Electrical Panel

Admin Office.jpg

Admin Room

Workshop Area.jpg

Workshop Area

Kitchen & Dining Area.jpg

Canteen, Employee Dinning Area

Generator Area.jpg



Finished Goods Storage Area.jpg

Goods Storage 

Oil Storage Area.jpg

Oil Storage Area

Pump Room.jpg

Pump House

Humidification Area.jpg

Humidification Area

Fork Lift Vehicles.jpg

Fork Lift Vehicles

Transformer Area.jpg

Transformer Area