What is Ceasefire?

Ceasefire, India’s most trusted fire safety and security brand, is today a fully integrated Fire Safety & Security solutions conglomerate. Having invested extensively in R&D, the company has a range of 400 revolutionary lifesaving products that span from detection to security to suppression systems to total green solutions. Every Ceasefire product conforms to highest global standards and carries a host of international quality certifications

What is Ceasefire's product offerings?

The company’s product portfolio includes an impressive range of portable, trolley mounted and plus sized Fire Extinguishers based on new-age Watermist, Foam based, Powder based, CO2 and Clean Agent technologies to Intelligent Auto Detection & Self Activating Fire Quell, Suppression and Hydrant systems.

What does a fire extinguisher contain?

A fire extinguisher could contain anything from water, foam, powder or gas as extinguishing agent, depending upon the class of fire it is to be used upon. Moving further, extinguishers could be of two types: Stored pressure & Spot pressure. In stored pressure variant, either the extinguishing agent itself is kept in compressed form or compressed air/dry nitrogen is used to create pressure for instant propulsion. Where as in spot pressure variant, propulsion takes place as a result of chemical reaction.

What are classes of fire?

There are: Class A fires: Combustible solid, such as wood, paper, cloth etc. Class B fires: Flammable liquids, such as petrol, diesel, kerosene etc. Class C fires: Flammable gases, such as LPG, CNG, PNG etc. Class D fires: Metal fires. Class E fires: Electrically started fires, such as Short-circuits. Class F fires: Cooking oil fires.

How to know which class of fire is meant for which class of fire?

Every extinguisher has its suitable classes of fire mentioned over it.

How can I get in touch with a Ceasefire dealer?

Ceasefire has both, company owned branches and authorised business associates known as CBAs across the country. The easiest way to reach us to give us a call on our central hotline numbers - 1800 120 3473 / 9540 666 666 or write to us at / and we shall connect you to the Ceasefire distribution point nearest to you.

How can I purchase a Ceasefire product?

You can purchase our products through one of the following methods:

- Call us on our Toll-free helpline numbers 1800 120 3473 / 9540666666
- Email us at
- You can also buy some select Ceasefire products online on this website in the "Online Shop".