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Fire Safety and Security Audit Norms

Micro Environment Fire Suppression  System

CQRS Indirect 02.png

How and Where to Install? 

  •  Ceasefire Quick Response System (CQRS) is a micro environment suppression system for small enclosed spaces, such as electrical panels, server racks etc.

  • It works on the principle of heat sensitivity and is fully automatic.

  • For its installation, Ceasefire's team of expert analysts first calculates the enclosed cabinet and the potential threat it faces. The most suitable extinguisher and its size are recommended on the basis of this analysis.

  • To identify the size of cylinder they calculate the volume of installation area. As extinguishing agent, clean agent FE36 and CO2 gases are used.

  • A tube laying is then designed and a control panel positioned to constantly monitor the system installed.

  • Other accessories like T's, bends, EOL Plugs and Pressure Switches are positioned keeping in mind the structure of the tubing.

  • The team then presents the layout along with the BOQ to the customer for final approvals.

  • On approval, Ceasefire's trained personnel install the entire system to work optimally and defeat fires.

  • A survey team evaluates the area where the system is to be installed.

  • Next in line is the Ceasefire Design Cell (CDC) which creates a customized layout of the system. The CDC suggests the most suitable extinguishing agent keeping in mind the potential threat to the area.

  • The team then prepares a complete BOQ including all accessories for the delivery line and Sensor Tube layout.

  • To ensure that all systems are working optimally, a Control Panel is positioned to monitor the system and integrate it to third party applications.

  • The entire layout along with the BOQ is presented to the customer for final approvals.

  • A fully trained Ceasefire engineer then installs the system.

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