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Fire Safety and Security Audit Norms

Security Solutions

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The purpose of The Ceasefire Security Audit Survey:

• To provide requisite security for the premises by identifying all risk areas, including rating the degree of vulnerability of all entry points to intruders.Design Considerations

• The design of a security and surveillance system should provide for the protection of the entire perimeter of a premise with visual- and audio-based surveillance monitoring.

• A good security system design should consider the best plan for the existing structure while also talking into account the possibility of future construction.

• It should factor in the lifestyle of inhabitants, location of valuables, methods of system control, and types of emergency response required.

Key recommendations for installation:

The Control Panel should be easily  access-able   to family members, and far from any electrical mains to avoid electromagnetic rays interrupting the signals.

• Smoke Detectors are required to prevent fires in any premise, and on every floor of a multi-storey home or apartment. Detectors should ideally be mounted as close to the centre of the ceiling as possible.

• Magnetic Contacts detect and report any forced intrusion through an entry point, and hence should be installed on all entry and exit door frames, and if necessary on window frames as well.

• Glass Break Detectors are installed on all outer-access windows to detect the sound and / or vibration of broken glass.

• Indoor Cameras and Motion Detectors are ideally installed in open areas, where intruders may be able to defeat perimeter security sensors. Cameras should be installed for widest coverage.

• GSM Diallers   should be installed at places where telephone lines are not available, such as farm houses, resorts and factories. It can also be installed as a backup for normal telephone lines.

• External Sirens serve the purpose of increase audibility of the system to the public. Hence, they are to be installed outside the premises, and in case of commercial establishments, can also be installed in control rooms or guard rooms.

• A Remote Commander should be installed in case of large areas such as multi-storey offices, farmhouses, duplex apartments and bungalows.

• A Keyfob Transmitter should be provided to those authorised to arm and disarm the system.

• Wireless Transmitters should be provided to aged persons or children, for emergency assistance in case of robbery, forced entry or sudden health emergencies.

• Wireless Camera is Wi-Fi enabled and therefore provides full internet connectivity thereby allowing the user to keep an eye on his / her premises from anywhere on the globe.

• Powerlink is the device which leverage the full power of internet connectivity to protect their premises ina better way and thus it to his the security, safety & automation to the next level.

• Before installing and using CCTV equipment, we establish the purpose for which they are intended. The system is then customised to meet the specific premises and set of requirements. Our CCTV system could be fully customized according to the customer's need and the wide range of cameras & DVR's are an added advantage.

• Video Door Phones are ideally mounted right inside the main entry-way of the premises, offering the functions of a doorbell, visual monitoring and speech, and door release.

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