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Fire Safety and Security Audit Norms

Emergency  Exit  Signs

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When Ceasefire's trained consultants visit your premises, they look for a variety of potential threats that could put your premises in danger.


Upon conducting a thorough check up of your entire premises, they then devise a detailed evacuation plan that ensures your safety and protection in the event of a fire.


While devising the plan, the Ceasefire experts ensure that it is in accordance with Norm ISO : 16069 (SWGS – Safety Way) guidance system.

Key recommendations for installation:

According to Norm ISO : 16069 (SWGS) the following needs to be ascertained:

• Number of entrances and exits in the premises.

• Number and length of corridors

• Number of floors

• Number of staircases

• Number of rooms, cabinets, and such other enclosed spaces

• Ceiling heights, pillars, beams,false ceiling and flooring, and other obstructions

• Number of occupants in the premises

•Number of locations of existing fire extinguishers.

Team Ceasefire analyses this information and presents you with a comprehensive report on your premises. With the help of this report, we recommend a complete Emergency Evacuation System; comprising low level, intermediate level and high level signage.

• Photo luminescent signs at High Level for visibility from a distance even if there is an obstruction in front.

• Photo luminescent signs at Intermediate Level with complementary reading information and/ or instructions.

• Photo luminescent signs at Low Level to illuminate evacuation routes and the location of the fire fighting equipment at a lower level.

The size of the sign is chosen according to the maximum viewing distance and the layout of the premises. So, the recommended signage size increases in proportion to the viewing distance.

Recommendations for different Signages:

Recommendation for Fire Safety Signs on the wall

The Fire extinguisher locator signage is suggested for each fire extinguishers available in the premises.

The “PUSH” & “PULL” signs should be installed on the doors to avoid any confusion at the time of an emergency situation, facilitating a smooth exit.

Recommendation for Low Level Signs on the wall

The low level wall guidance strips should be placed at 40 cm from the ground level to help the occupants in evacuation. So that even if they have to lie low to avoid smoke, they can still see the signage.

At the staircase, the wall guidance strips should be placed to guide people safely down the stairs.

Wherever there is a fire extinguisher close by, the low level appropriate signage must be placed.

Recommendation for Floor & stair marking

At the staircase, each step should be marked with the marking strips to help people go down the stairs in dark without stumbling & falling.

Recommendation for Evacuation plan

Ceasefire Evacuation Plan is recommended to be placed at three appropriate locations in the office. So that during an emergency, people can check their location, exit route & nearest exit available to them.

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