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Fire Safety and Security Audit Norms

Smoke  Detectors


How and where do you install a smoke detector?

Ceasefire considers the following three aspects to answer this question :

• Spacing

• Coverage

• Installation

It is also essential to understand the distance at which detectors are placed. Once this distance at which detector are placed. Once this distance is determined, we calculate the distance between detector and boundry walls. These distance are usually affected by factor such as partitions, beams,etc.

Installation Norms

Ceiling beams , partitions, hanging chandeliers, ceiling fans,etc..often reduce the Smoke Detector's effectiveness. Hence , Smoke Detectors must always be kept away from such obstructions.

Coverage Rules

Every effectively enclosed space, room or cabin (passages, staircases, lift lobbies, lift wells ,air chutes, etc.) should hace one Smoke Detector. This help detector smoke that could be travelling from one floor to another.

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