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Fire Safety and Security Audit Norms

Watermist Fire Extinguishers


Usually people have MAP based fire extinguishers that can create a chaos in case used for kitchen fires, leave alone the heavy post fire damage.
To overcome this problem, we recommend installation of Portable Water Mist based fire extinguishers inside the premises. As such fire extinguishers are effective on almost all classes of fire and are non-conductive.


Therefore, they can effectively take care of any kitchen fire along with class A risks like in carpet, curtain, furniture, table cloth etc.

Oil Fire Fighting Watermist Extinguishers is one such revolutionary watermist based system for fighting cooking oil fires of any kind. It does so by generating a mist (50 microns) of water over the fire. The widely dispersed water mist has a blanket effect on the fire, thereby reducing its temperature and extinguishing it.

How many and what size?

Since there are no particular standards for installation of a Class F fire extinguisher in India, we refer to NFPA Code for Portable Fire Extinguishers- 2010 edition. It refers to class F fire as class K fire.

Following the NFPA Code, Ceasefire's recommendations for Oil Fire Fighting Watermist Extinguishers in various premises is as follows:

Class F fire extinguishers must not be placed more than 30 ft. away from the hazard location.

All solid cooking appliances (whether or not under a hood) must have at least 2 A rated water type fire extinguishers or a 6 litre Class F wet chemical fire extinguisher installed.

These standards help us estimate the total requirement of class F fire extinguishers for different sizes and capabilities of vessels, kitchens etc., based on either the volume of the cooking vessels or the quantity of oil used.

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