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Fire Safety and Security Audit Norms

Watermist Compressed Air Foam Extinguishers


Ceasefire Watermist Compressed Air Foam Extinguisher is a state-of-the-art extinguisher that uses a fine mist of water to blanket a fire and in turn extinguish it.

Ceasefire, in a ccordance with the NFPA, recommends the Watermist Extinguisher for locations with a larger number of combustible agents. Beacause in these areas, the chances of a spark growing into a blaze is far higher. Some examples of such areas are:

Oil refineries








Factories manufacturing foam, rubber, paper, garments, corrugated boxes, etc.


Textile mills


Coal mines


Solvent / petrochemical warehouses


Factories and godowns located on highways where fire fighting support is a matter of concern.


Areas that use large fuel storage generators (departmental stores, shopping malls, multiplexes,medium and large industries, BPOs and IT Hubs.)


Big complexes like malls, hospitals, educational institutions and hotels.

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