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360° fire and security solutions for

Hospitals Genset Room and Diesel Storage

Genset Room and Diesel Storage-Hospitals

Risk Areas

  • High Intensity Fire in Diesel Storage

  • Electrical Short Circuit

  • Excess Heat due to Long Running of Generators

Know  About Optimum Protection
(Fire  and  Security  Audit  Norms)

Ceasefire Recommends

Escape Route Signages.png

Generator Autoquell System

Senses an increase of temperature and activates automatically to bring the fire under control.

Watermist CAFS (Watermist CAFS Backpack & Trolley Mounted)

Water’s immense firefighting power is harnessed and multiplied exponentially.


Designed to ensure safe passage through limited visibility conditions, Ceasefire’s Evacuation Solutions are put together with one aim in mind: to save lives.

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