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We're making history.

And you can be a part of it.

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For years, Ceasefire has been in the vanguard of modernizing the fire safety industry and generating chemistry with its clients while quietly playing the role of a pioneer trying to bring fire safety awareness to India much ahead of its times.  These are times of great change for Ceasefire industries. Ceasefire is poised at a juncture in history where preparedness is meeting opportunity and fueling next generation concepts into reality.

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About the internship program

The Ceasefire Internship program is carefully designed to attract and retain the best talent in the country. The program provisions for an extensive six month long induction training program for new joinees with an aim to turn fresh minds into fire safety experts that the world outside can count upon.

This internship program is designed not only to train and bring upto speed fresh talent as fire experts, but is also designed to support the interns every step of the way in this six months journey. The interns are provided with all necessary support such as a Handsome Stipend, Internet dongle and SIM Cards. Right at the end of the first three months, added incentive components are included as a part of the remuneration package for interns.

These incentives include Monthly Productivity Linked Reimbursement (MPLR) which is paid out as incentive largely for accomplishment of certain critical activities such as updation of data in the CRM software, number of calls and proposals created and a nominal amount of sales revenue.

There is also Productivity Linked Reimbursement (PLR) for interns which is paid out as incentive over and above MPLR, purely on achievement of slab-wise sales revenue and corresponding incentive amount.

At the end of the Internship program, the interns are inducted in the organisation formally as Business Development Managers on an all new and revised remuneration package.


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Life at Ceasefire


Ceasefire’s values are its moral compass, ensuring that we as an organisation

Not only do well, but do right.


Our guiding principles are:

Honesty, transparency and integrity in all our dealings.


A focus on quality and a no-compromise approach to safety.

Fair, impartial, objective practices.

Recognition, reward and retention of talent.

A will to build leadership from within.

A deep respect for our team, our customers, our wider community

and the planet we all inhabit.

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You can send your application for the Ceasefire Internship Program through this express route to the company's HR cell and we will have someone connect with you shortly. Do remember to put all your details in the Application and upload an updated resume. Good luck! 

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