ABC Powder Based Home & Car Fire Extinguisher

ABC Powder Based Home & Car Fire Extinguisher

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  • When faced with fire, 6 minutes is all that you have before a fire gets out of control. In these 6 mins you have to detect the fire, rush your family to safety and fight the fire.

    Packed with modern utilities for a comfortable lifestyle, homes today have become extremely prone to fire. A spark in the electrical panel, a short circuit in the air conditioner or heater, an open flame in the mandir, a carelessly tossed matchstick, an unattended stove, a gas leak; these dangers lurk around the walls of our homes at all times.


    In these situations, what is needed is a dependable fire fighting equipment that will work at its optimal best at all times. Ceasefire’s Premium Range of Home and Car Fire Extinguishers are not only benchmarked against the best in the fire safety but are also exclusively certified to the international standards.

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