ABC Powder Based Wheeled (Spot Pressure Type) Fire Extinguishers

ABC Powder Based Wheeled (Spot Pressure Type) Fire Extinguishers

  • Requires no prior training
  • Works quickly without wasting any extinguishing agent
  • Safe and reliable
  • Easy-to-use with quick activation
  • Available in 25kg, 50kg & 75kg
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  • Trolley-mounted fire extinguisher serves as a back-up solution. The very size and power of trolley-mounted fire extinguishers make them an ideal choice for any delayed attack on fire. They are the second line of defense when hand-held extinguishers are not able to douse fire. Sometimes, these large-sized extinguishers could be the only solution for such places that are in isolated regions or are very crowded and where fire brigades may take time to reach or may not reach at all. Trolley-mounted fire extinguishers are also ideal for locations where volatile class B materials are stored in abundance and there is no time to wait for a fire brigade in case of a fire.

    ​Ceasefire’s ABC Powder Cartridge takes the guesswork and confusion out of firefighting. Being one of the most versatile extinguishing agents known to man, ABC Powder fights Class A, B, C and electrical fires with ease. When ABC Powder falls on a fire, the Mono Ammonium Phosphate in it expands and forms a thin layer on top of the surface. This controls the fire and stops re-ignition.

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