ActionPac- Watermist & Foammist Based Backpack & Wheeled (Stored Pressure Type)

ActionPac- Watermist & Foammist Based Backpack & Wheeled (Stored Pressure Type)

  • Fights Class A,B,F and ESF
  • 1 minute of continuous discharge, without flooding
  • Creates a fine mist of under 80 microns
  • Environment-friendly
  • Available in 13ltr Watermist & 13ltr Foammist
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  • Ceasefire Action-Pac, the first of its kind Foammist powered extinguisher that can be used both as a backpack extinguisher as well as trolley mounted extinguisher. Packed with immense firefighting power, it can be easily carried to the scene of the fire to battle the flames.

    While other extinguishers use chemicals to put out fires that completely ruin your equipment. The Ceasefire Action-Pac has been specially designed to cause no damage. The USP of this fire extinguisher is that it uses Watermist, which causes no collateral damage, ensuring that business operations are up and running at the earliest.

    The Ceasefire Action-Pac fights fires with a lightweight dual-mode gun. The Jet Mode of the gun enables the firefighter to deliver large quantities of extinguishing agent into the fire zone from a distance to subdue the fire. The Spray Mode offers extensive coverage and protection against radiant heat when the firefighter approaches near the fire zone. Modes can be easily switched using a lever.

    The Action-Pac is available in two variants: Pure Mist and Foam. The extinguisher ensures zero risk of thermal shock or recoil while using, and is safe to use on any fire, including electric, thanks to its sub-80 micron mist. Fitted with two 6 litre stored low-pressure containers, the Action-Pac is always ready to come to the rescue.

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