Addressable Fire Alarm System

Addressable Fire Alarm System

  • Identify the exact location of the fire incidence
  • Aids swift action to curtail fire
  • Detection devices are designed to detect actual fire instances only, decreasing the chances of fire alarms
  • Cost effective solution to early fire detection
  • Ceasefire’s revolutionary Addressable Fire Alarm System is a best in class detection and alarm system to safeguard the fire safety of a premises. The system senses fire in the nascent stage & identifies the exact location of the fire. The system is an amalgamation of a highly advanced control panel and an array of fire detection devices.


    As the name suggests, this system is addressable system i.e. each detection device of this system is identifiable. In case of a fire incidence when the alarm goes off, the main panel is able to trace the exact system component that has gone off thus enabling to track the fire location at the precise point so that there is no delay in firefighting.


    This system is an ideal fire detection & alarm system for large premises that spread over a vast area.

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