Conventional Fire Alarm System

Conventional Fire Alarm System

  • Ideal alarm system for small set-ups
  • Identifies the zone in which the fire incidence has occurred
  • A technological advantage over standalone detectors
  • Detection devices are designed to detect actual fire instances only, decreasing the chances of fire alarms
  • One of the most cost effective alarm solution
  • Simple setup, no configuration required
  • The conventional fire alarm system is a time-tested fire alarm system; this makes it one of the most reliable systems for ensuring fire safety of a premises. The Ceasefire’s Conventional Fire Alarm System is a state-of-art system which comprises of a control panel and a range of fire detectors and devices interacting with it.


    The conventional system divides the premises into distinct zones. Each zone has its own set of detectors & alarm systems.


    The detection & alarm devices are spread across the premises and catch the early signs fire. In case of a fire incidence the system identifies the zone in which the fire has occurred.

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