In-Panel Tube Based Fire Suppression-Direct (Engineered System)

In-Panel Tube Based Fire Suppression-Direct (Engineered System)

  • Fights Class A, B, C and E fires
  • Self-actuated, electronics and environment-friendly
  • Superior extinguishing agents - HFC236fa or HCFC 123 or CO2
  • Available in 2Kg, 4Kg, 6Kg & 9Kg in HFC Gases
  • Available in 2Kg, 4.5Kg, 6.5Kg & 22.5Kg in CO2 Gas
  • Introducing Ceasefire's Quick Response System, a revolutionary firefighting solution which combines ground-breaking technology with functional simplicity to keep what's precious, safe.

    The most prominent feature of the Ceasefire Quick Response System is the specially designed heat-sensitive pneumatic polymer tubing.

    It is connected at one end to a Ceasefire extinguishing agent container, while the rest of it runs unobtrusively throughout the area at risk.

    When the flame comes in contact with the heat-sensitive tubing and reaches a temperature of 150 - 180°C, the tubing bursts open at that exact spot and forms a miniature nozzle.

    The pneumatic mechanism triggers the valve of the extinguisher and sprays the extinguishing agent out of the tube directly onto the flame, dousing the fire instantaneously.

    Because the extinguishing agent used is HCFC123 or HFC236fa this system is effective to combat any kind of fire.

    This is an ideal solution in case of fire in a single location, whether small or large, and can be designed to suit the specific needs of the premises.

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