In-Panel Tube Based Fire Suppression-Direct (Pre-Engineered System)

In-Panel Tube Based Fire Suppression-Direct (Pre-Engineered System)

  • Fights Class A, B, C and E fires
  • Self-actuated, electronics and environment-friendly
  • Superior extinguishing agents - HFC236fa
  • Available in 500Gms, 1Kg & 2Kg
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  • The revolutionary Ceasefire Quick Response Pre-Engineered Systems combine ground-breaking technology with functional simplicity. Armed with a heat-sensing tube, this direct system is entirely self-activated, and requires no human intervention once it has been installed. In case of a fire, the heat-sensing tube bursts and releases the extinguishing agent stored inside directly onto the fire. This makes it especially beneficial for microenvironments where the fire hazards are likely to be in an enclosed space such as server or a genset.

    Backed by In-depth studies of common applications of the Ceasefire Quick Response System in the Indian market, the Ceasefire Design Cell has created 3 pre-fabricated variants of the system, which can be easily installed in microenvironments of different sizes. They are designed with utmost precision to international quality standards, and come with complete sets of accessories to fulfill all the requirements of a fire-prone environment.

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