Emergency Lighting Systems

Emergency Lighting Systems

  • LED technology provides quick visual clarity of system.
  • Works on a backup battery when the power fails.
  • Operational voltage to the lights under normal conditions.
  • constantly tests and monitors the equipment on the entire system.
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  • Ceasefire FIREscape runs on unique addressable technology that allows you to programme, control and test each individual sign in the system.

    A graphic interface lets you view the entire system at a glance. If there's a sign that's out of order, you can identify and fix it immediately.

    An internal control system has been included with the system to constantly control the condition of the lights, LEDs and batteries.

    If necessary, the system will provide specific information on the status, either locally on a keypad or by transferring it to the control centre of the service provider using an IP or GSM network.

    In this system, FIREscape-DL (Downlighter) is an LED-based addressable route light / downlighter featuring 10 LEDs.

    The unit's cup fixture contains the address unit and the back-up battery.

    The unit has been designed to easily fit onto the standard sensor base, the YBN-R/3, and is manufactured in the same colour as the rest of the FIREscape range of products.

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