Emergency Exit Signages - Excellence Series

Emergency Exit Signages - Excellence Series

  • Quickly guiding you to the nearest exit.
  • Highest quality UV resistant glass paint.
  • Non-radioactive, non-phosphorous, non-toxic and lead free.
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  • CSEE Excellence is distinguished for its world class standard in emergency evacuation. The premium range boasts high-end technical expertise and uber class designs, making it the perfect blend of form and function.

    Every 2mm-thick photoluminescent sign in the Excellence range is UV-resistant. Even in the blackest of smoke, it points you to the nearest fire escape. Available in opaque or transparent acrylic glass and brushed stainless steel variants, the signs stand guard 24x7, guiding you through darkness and dense clouds of smoke so that you reach safety immediately.

    The Excellence range promises you only the best designs. Which means it serves without compromising on the beauty of your premise. This dual advantage is what makes the range one of the most sought after emergency evacuation systems ever.

    For instance, in case of emergency when every second counts, Ceasefire's Excellence Escape Route signage clearly mark the route to safety.

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