Fire Proximity Suit - Goldstar

Fire Proximity Suit - Goldstar

  • High heat resistance; withstands heat at 1800oC for 5 minutes
  • without any burning or melting and less than 5% shrinkage
  • Limited inflammability
  • 25N tear strength
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  • The Goldstar is a high-end range of protective suits for Fire Fighting and is made of PBI Gold Material. These suits are recommended for large fires that are beyond the EcoStar and ProStar suits' capacities.

    The outer shell of Goldstar is made of PBI - GOLD, which is a blend of 40% thermal resistant PBI fibers and 60% high strength aramid. It does not shrink, become brittle, or break open even under extreme heat. It also has excellent flame resistant properties. The fabric withstands the dangers associated with firefighting, arc flash, and flash fire. It provides firefighters and industrial workers with superior protection and meets or exceeds every National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirement and EN 469 standard.

    Goldstar’s moisture barrier consists of FR nonwoven with PU membrane, to protect against the intrusion of water, chemicals and viral agents, allow metabolic heat to escape and reduce overall heat stress during strenuous activities. Apart from this, dual layers of FR nonwoven are used in this fire suit to act as a secondary heat barrier.

    Aramid / Viscose FR are used in the inner protective lining of Goldstar, to provide optimum comfort to the fire fighter by reducing surface friction and improving overall mobility.

    Lastly, the sewing thread used in this fire suit i.e. 100% ARAMID, adds the final safety signature.

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