HFC227ea Total Flooding System (Pre-Engineered System)

HFC227ea Total Flooding System (Pre-Engineered System)

  • Fights Class A, B, C, Fires and electrically started fires
  • Electronics and environment-friendly
  • Superior Extinguishing agent: HFC227ea
  • Can be triggered manually or automatically
  • 24 hour protection
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  • The waterless Ceasefire HFC 227ea Flooding System - M is a revolutionary firefighting System. Designed and equipped to initiate firefighting within seconds of the fire being detected, this automated flooding system safeguards the entire area. What's more, since HFC227ea is green in nature, this extinguishing agent ensures that the fire is put out without causing any collateral damage to the premises, expensive equipment, or the earth.

    Backed by in-depth studies of common applications of the HFC227ea flooding system in the Indian market, the Ceasefire Design Cell has created 8 pre-fabricated variants of the system, which can be installed in rooms of different sizes. They are designed with utmost precision to international quality standards, and come with complete sets of accessories to fullfil all the requirements of a fire-prone micro environment.    

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