Home & Car Fire Extinguishers - Classic Range (Clean Agent Based)

Home & Car Fire Extinguishers - Classic Range (Clean Agent Based)

  • Fights Class A, B, C and electrically started fires
  • Portable, thus accessible
  • Effective Discharge Mechanism
  • World-class quality
  • Available in 500gm & 1kg
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  • Using the wrong extinguisher on a fire can be very dangerous. And often, there isn’t enough time to decide which extinguisher to use. In such cases, the consequences often prove fatal.

    Ceasefire's cutting edge HCFC 123 Clean Agent extinguishers leave no residue, pack in mega power and are absolutely safe on sensitive electronic equipment.

    Ceasefire’s Clean Agent extinguishers contain HCFC 123, one of the cleanest, most powerful extinguishing agents on the planet. They are extremely lightweight, yet packed with tremendous power and throw, to penetrate past even the finest grills and meshes.

    The 500 gms & 1 Kg sizes, of HCFC 123 variants , will ensure that you are fully equipped to fight a home fire, if there should be one. These extinguishers are easier to use than others because of their lightweight 'point and shoot' design.

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