Industrial Fire Suits

Industrial Fire Suits

  • High heat resistance; withstands heat at 1800oC for 5 minutes
  • without any burning or melting and less than 5% shrinkage
  • 450N tensile strength, seam tensile strength and residual strength
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  • Electric arcs are caused due to breakdowns of a gas, which produces a continuous discharge of plasma. This happens because current is flowing through a medium such as air, which is normally non-conductive.

    The arcs are formed in the space between two conductive electrodes which are often made from carbon, and once initiated, will draw current from a fixed-voltage supply until the apparatus is destroyed. Electrical arcs are at temperatures high enough to obliterate most materials.

    In the electrical industry the threat of an electric arc flash exposure has necessitated the use of flame resistant clothing. The flame resistant clothing intends to minimize burn injury and provide the worker with some protection after being exposed to an electric arc. Non-flame resistant clothing ignites and dramatically increases the burn injury percentage and severity well beyond that of the initial arc flash exposure.

    Ceasefire Arcstar provides permanent flame resistance as it does not melt, ignite or continue to burn.

    It uses comfortable fabrics for protection and resists breaking open during exposure.

    The suit insulates the wearer from heat & decreases/avoids heat burns, providing protection to escape safely.

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