Instalert - Anti Theft cum Fire Alarm System

Instalert - Anti Theft cum Fire Alarm System

  • Highly visible, compact design that’s easily mountable
  • Powerful 98dB warning alarm when activated
  • Self-contained 9V DC alkaline power source
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  • Most buildings, offices, factories and commercial premises have been armed with fire extinguishers. Unfortunately, in the event of a fire, most of these extinguishers wouldn’t be able to batter the flames. In some cases, the extinguishers have been vandalised or misused, making them useless. In others, the extinguishers have been stolen.

    The answer isn’t replacing or recharging these fire extinguishers. All you need is a device that can protect the extinguisher 24x7. So that in the case of an emergency, the extinguisher works perfectly to put out the flames and save lives.

    Ceasefire’s Instalert makes such a tamper-proof device. Sturdy and self-contained, the Ceasefire Instalert has a highly visible ‘stop sign’ design to discourage wrongful use and tampering. To add to this, if the fire extinguisher is moved, an integral sounder emits a piercing alarm. This not only dissuades thieves, it also alerts people in case of a fire.

    Instalert is easy to install and comes with a deactivation cable so that the extinguisher can be serviced with ease. It also comes with an operating cable kit and a 9V PP3 alkaline battery.

    Instalert has been designed to ensure the extinguisher is totally accessible for emergencies and will not interfere in the event of a real fire. It can even be installed on an existing fire extinguisher.

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