Intense Fire Proximity Fire Suit - Alustar

Intense Fire Proximity Fire Suit - Alustar

  • Without any burning or melting and less than 5% shrinkage
  • 450N tensile strength, seam tensile strength and residual strength
  • 25N tear strength
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  • The Ceasefire Alustar suits are meant for proximity firefighting, bulk flammable liquids firefighting, flammable gas firefighting and similar situations that release high levels of radiant heat.

    The suits are an integration of the latest material technology, design and construction workmanship and are certified to EN 1486.

    The Ceasefire Alustar is an Aluminized para-aramide proximity suit with multi-layer system.

    The suit's outer material has a special aluminization technology called Dual Mirror which enables a much better radiant heat reflection compared to conventional aluminized fabrics. The base fabric is a knitted virgin para-aramide that is extremely light in weight. This makes the suit very comfortable and flexible while in use. The suit is also very strong owing to its rip stop weave.

    The second layer is a moisture barrier which prevents water penetration.

    The third layer, i.e. the thermal barrier, consists of an Aramid / Viscose FR inner lining quilted to two layers of inherently flame retardant felt. This dual layer felt enables more air to be trapped between the layers causing much better insulation against heat.

    With mere 6 kg of weight, Alustar eliminates the discomfort of managing a bulky fire suit and allows one to focus on fire fighting.

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