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  • Named after the four state-of-the-art Multi-Rotors working in sync in each container, the Ceasefire Quad brings together the efficiency of a fire extinguisher with the power of a hydrant system – without the drawbacks.


    Harnessing water's immense cooling powers and multiplying them hundreds of times over, Ceasefire Quad breaks water down into a fine mist of under 80 microns. This mist is then thrown at the fire with a great kinetic force, covering a large surface area. As soon as the mist comes into contact with the fire, it instantly turns into steam. Enveloping the flames, cutting down the oxygen supply and reducing temperature to below combustion levels.


    The Quad's Multi-Rotors, located within the mist generator, work in tandem, mixing water and air in a pre-set proportion to generate Watermist in the specially designed discharge gun. Thereby increasing the power of water by 400 times.


    Meant for areas where fire risk is huge, or where large amounts of combustible materials are stored, the trolley-mounted Quad can be taken anywhere with ease.


    It is also an ideal extinguisher for closed environments, where unlike powder and other extinguishers, it doesn’t lose firefighting power. That’s cutting-edge technology at the very forefront.


    Equipped with four Multi-Rotors in each container, it's fully capable of generating Watermist quickly and efficiently. Available in 20 Ltrs., 45 Ltrs., and 90 Ltrs, in Stainless Steel the Quad truly is a fire engine on wheels.





    Water Mist

    10A - 20A

    Foam Mist

    10A - 20A, 233B

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