ABC Powder & Clean Agent Based Standalone (Modular) Fire Suppression Systems

ABC Powder & Clean Agent Based Standalone (Modular) Fire Suppression Systems

  • Fights Class A, B, C and electrically started fires
  • Automatic Discharge Mechanism
  • State-of-the-art Pressure Gauge
  • 6 years warranty
  • Available in 5kg & 10kg (ABC Powder & Clean Agent)
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  • There will always be areas in a workplace where the chances of detecting a fire early are very few and human traffic, very low - factories with large storage areas and server rooms, for instance. If a fire breaks out in such areas, putting it out becomes almost impossible.

    Ceasefire's Ceiling Mounted extinguishers, with their automatic detection and activation feature prevent such an occurrence. Because they are ceiling mounted, they are also useful in areas that are beyond the range of normal fire extinguishers, such as high chemical stacks.

    In the event of a fire, Ceasefire’s Ceiling Mounted extinguishers activate automatically, spraying the extinguishant with maximum force, ensuring that the fire is brought under control rapidly and efficiently.

    The ABC powder variant of these extinguishers use 90% concentration of Mono Ammonium Phosphate, these extinguishers maximize your fire fighting power against virtually all classes of fire.


    Whereas the Clean agent based variant of these extinguishers use HFC236fa / HCFC123 gas that leave no collateral damages at all. 

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