Uni-Wireless Fire Alarm System

Uni-Wireless Fire Alarm System

  • Ideal for heritage sites, temporary construction sites
  • Wireless Solution
  • Quick to install, Zero downtime in installation

  • Ceasefire's Uni Wireless Fire Alarm System is designed and manufactured to our requirements by some of Europe's best manufacturers. The result: An extensive range of lifesaving products engineered to simplify the installation process and minimise cost, allowing seamless integration into the existing infrastructure.

    At the heart of the system is a control panel that enables the most flexible, seamless wireless fire detection available today. Translator Modules are connected to this control panel through loop wiring, either on their own, or mixed with wired field devices to form a fully wireless system. Each of these Translator Modules communicates with up to 240 field devices per loop, via a proven wireless protocol, processing the messages received from the field devices and transmitting information to the devices.

    All field devices have a notional wireless range of 200m in free air, but where greater distances are required; the system is supported by a range of Expander and Router Modules. These help propagate the radio signals over large distances or areas with difficult structural architecture. Multiple Translator Modules can be used on each control panel loop and each Translator Module can support multiple Expander Modules, making it possible to configure systems of virtually any size and complexity.

    To achieve the highest levels of reliability and performance from wireless field devices with comparable capabilities, the system relies on advanced, patented technologies. Complying with the latest European standards (EN54-25 2008), the communication between the Translator Modules and devices is bi-directional, using 867MHz frequency.

    The Ceasefire's Uni Wireless Fire Alarm System maintains secure and stable communications by using a selection of automated system adjustments, including channel hopping, amplitude adjustment and drift compensation. The whole system flawlessly comes together with a range of Sensors, Audio Visual Devices, Translators, Input-Output and Expander Modules. Making it the most reliable Fire Alarm System around.

    Ceasefire doesn't just sell you Fire Alarm systems, but also ensures that your premises are safe. Our highly trained technical experts come survey your premises and recommend the right devices for you. They even design the system to complement the structure of the premises, supervise the installation from start to finish and provide quality after sales service as well. So that you are always protected against fire.

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