Water Based Wheeled (Stored Pressure Type) Fire Extinguisher

Water Based Wheeled (Stored Pressure Type) Fire Extinguisher

  • Fights Class A fires
  • EPDM/Braided Rubber Hosepipe
  • State-of-the-art Pressure Gauge
  • Controllable Discharge Mechanism
  • Available in 60ltr (Both Stored & Spot Pressure)
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  • When a fire breaks out, there are bigger dangers than the ones you can see. The rising temperature of fuel around the fire and paper and cloth fires are the best examples. Water is the only extinguishing agent that can instantly bring down the temperature of the fire and the area around it.

    Ceasefire's Water extinguishers use the proprietary stored pressure technology, delivering high power throw of water. This makes them more effective on the fire and allows the fire fighter to stay a safe distance from the flames.

    Ceasefire’s Water extinguishers are also packed with all the trademark features that make Ceasefire the fastest, safest, most user-friendly extinguishers on offer today.

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