Watermist Based Kitchen Fire Suppression (Engineered System)

Watermist Based Kitchen Fire Suppression (Engineered System)

  • Works on Class A, B, F (cooking oil) fires and fires involving electrically charged devices
  • Stainless steel body
  • No collateral damage
  • While other extinguishing systems use chemicals to put out fires, these chemicals completely ruin your kitchen. Ceasefire's LPCB Certified Watermist Based Kitchen Suppression System has been specially designed for commercial kitchens, understanding the unique challenges faced in a kitchen environment and considering the issues around collateral damages in busy kitchens.

    The USP of the system is that it's a Watermist system, which causes no collateral damage, ensuring the kitchen is up and running at the earliest.

    Available in flexible system configurations, the Ceasefire Watermist Based Kitchen Fire Suppression System provides the most efficient protection for kitchens with all types of cooking applications.


    The System comes equipped with state-of-the-art Heat Sensing Tube based detection that provides uniform protection throughout the length of the kitchen hood and even in the duct areas. In the event of a fire, the HST tube detects the flames and bursts to activate the discharge of the watermist agent through specially design nozzles. Leaving no blind spots at all under the kitchen hood, the system swiftly kills all types of fires.   

    The system comes equipped with a Response Panel that gives you a ready health-check of the system and it can even be integrated with other third party devices like gas shut off valves and relays to trigger other fire alarms in the premises.

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