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Website Ceasefire Specialised Support Fu

A legacy is not built in a day. Welcome to Ceasefire.  Welcome to a legacy built on 400 lifesaving products which saves a life every 5 minutes and helps win the trust of more than 3000 customers every month. This is a legacy that ensures that one Ceasefire product is sold every 61 seconds.

Marketing function

Website Ceasefire Specialised Support Fu

A front running business function  of the organization which has the mandate to invest in the brand and keep it visible where it matters. The function generates new business enquiries for the sales organization on one hand, and also reaches out and sells directly to customers through online and social platforms, on the other. 

This objective is achieved by carrying out mega ATL,  BTL and Digital campaigns. The marketing function at Ceasefire offers exciting career  opportunities in advertising, copy writing, digital marketing, analytics and related fields. 

Human  Resource  Management 

Website Ceasefire Specialised Support Fu

Human Resource management function in Ceasefire is about ensuring the right work environment for all. This department ensures that the best talent is acquired and retained in the organization.

It strives to make sure that Ceasefire remains a culturally vibrant organization and that employees have a happy, meaningful and a holistically rewarding time at Ceasefire in terms of career building. 

The HR  functions offers  career  building opportunities in the area of  HR, Compliance, Recruitments, Payroll, etc

This is the legacy that has helped us carve out our presence in over 300 cities in India and helped us climb the steps to international famedom. We are Ceasefire, India’s most trusted 360 degree safety Solutions Company. Do you have it in you to be part of this legacy?

Information  technology 

Website Ceasefire Specialised Support Fu

At Ceasefire, we have embraced technology in a big way to create our competitive edge in the marketplace.  Information technology is not looked at in isolation in Ceasefire but is something that weaves the entire organization together with a single thread of purpose. Several state-of-the-art  function specific digitized processes that  finally flow back into  the company's core ERP engine,  add value by bringing in both  efficiencies  and effectiveness into our functioning. 

The IT department offers  career opportunities in the  area  of  programming & development.

Learning  & Development  function

Website Ceasefire Specialised Support Fu

The Learning and Development department at Ceasefire ensures that knowledge levels in the organization amongst employees on our extensive range of lifesaving solutions and their applications stay at the optimum best  at all times. With best-in-class online and offline training modules and tools this team turns raw recruits into polished fire safety & security experts.

This function  offers exciting career building opportunities  in the area of  training, content development, LMS  administration, etc 

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