Home & Car Fire Extinguisher

Overview: 6 minutes. That’s all the time you have before a fire gets out of control. And the time you have to detect it, rush your family to safety and fight the fire. Packed with modern utilities, homes today have become extremely prone to fire. What’s more, given the way our traffic conditions are today, chances are the fire department won’t arrive on time to help. That’s where Ceasefire’s Home and Car fire extinguishers come in.


• Fights Class A, B, C and electrically started fires

• Portable, thus accessible

• Effective Discharge Mechanism

• World-class quality

Sizes available: 500 gms and 1 kg 

Agent: MAP 50, MAP 90 and HCFC 123

Standards: IS15683, EN3-7&8, PED   


Certifications: ISI, LPCB, CE    


Certifying Body: BIS, BRE Global, EuroCert