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Fire Solutions for 

The Ceasefire 360 degree Fire Solutions for homes are designed with one sole purpose in mind: to turn your premises into a fortress. Dependable and untiring, these fire solutions never take a break. The fire extinguishers are always on standby. The detectors are alert, ready to pick up on the first trace of smoke. And the Kitchen Suppression System, is always on guard to safeguard you against any mishap while cooking. After careful consideration, here’s what the experts recommend to protect your home.

Wet Chemical Based Residential Kitchen (2).png

Recommended Fire Solutions for:


Ceasefire Home & Car Fire Extinguishers range comprises of two prime range types - The Art Range and The Classic Range. Both are carefully crafted to include aesthetically pleasing fire extinguishers in 500gms and 1 Kg size options and add to the decor of your home. The agent options include the all powerful ABC Powder and  HFC123 Gas (Clean agent; cause zero collateral damage post fire fighting). Select the option that most suits your requirements.   


Ceasefire Residential Kitchen Fire Suppression are designed especially for home kitchens and are completely unobtrusive in nature. These can be installed in your kitchen hoods without any structural changes / drilling etc.

The systems come in two agent options -1.)  the Wet Chemical agent that is a proven extinguishing agent for all types of cooking oil fires and

2.)  Watermist that effeciently kills kitchen fires without leaving any residue.   


Ceasefire fire solutions for electrical panels include a range of Heat Sensing Tube Based Systems in both Direct and In-Direct system options in a wide variety of Clean gas based extinguishing agents ranging from  CO2, HFC236fa, HFC227ea and FK to suit every kind of requirement. The other solution for Electrical panel includes Ceasefire Mini which is a completely independent and automatic fire suppression module that fits any small space without an issue and is powered by a clean extinguishing agent that leaves no residue post fire fighting.    

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