About the Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

​Ceasefire’s LPCB certified Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems are designed exclusively for commercial kitchen environment considering the associated risks of fire. These commercial kitchen fire extinguishing systems knock down flames and bring tremendous amount of cooling effect, while generating massive vaporization and hence eliminating the chances of re-ignition. Ceasefire’s kitchen hood firefighting systems are perfect solution for small to ultra large size commercial or industrial kitchens.

These Automatic Kitchen Suppression Systems come in two variants, namely - Ceasefire Watermist Based Fire Suppression System (Enviro Series) and Ceasefire Wet Chemical Based Fire Suppression System (Ultra Series). Both these systems are technological breakthroughs that are based on highly advanced heat sensing tube based detection that offers far superior and uniform detection than conventional fire suppression systems. Combined with powerful Watermist and Wet chemical as extinguishing agents respectively, the two systems are designed to quell any kind of kitchen fires.

The Ceasefire kitchen firefighting systems also come in Pre-Engineered (Modular) options that bring the premium fire suppression technologies that were until now available only to the top-end segment commercial kitchens to the middle and lower segment kitchens as well. This breakthrough has been possible by Ceasefire's extensive knowledge, experience and infrastructure in the domain. 

Ceasefire’s revolutionary kitchen suppression systems are industry leaders for the quality, functionality and technological advancement. These are customizable basis the length of the kitchen hood and provide 24 hour automatic protection to commercial and industrial kitchens like hotels, restaurant, fast food chains, retail food courts, catering facilities, schools, religious premises and more. Commercial kitchens are under tremendous pressure to deliver time bound meal services, continuously for long hours of day. Hence, are more susceptible to fire accidents. The Ceasefire kitchen firefighting systems are specially developed keeping these challenges into consideration and designed for quicker flame knockdown and faster suppression.  


With its cooling ability of 2.6 MW per litre per second, water kills even the largest of fires in minutes. However, it has limited application use in its natural form, especially in case of kitchen fires where overheated oils and fats are the major cause of fire. Throwing water on overheated oil can be more fatal than helpful as the water would just settle below the surface of fire & oil and cause a dangerous splash.

Ceasefire's  Watermist technology breaks water down into fine mist of less than 70 microns and displaces oxygen as a result of evaporation. Water's coverage increases 1600 times in its mist form. This causes no collateral damage, ensuring the kitchen is up and running at the earliest.

Ceasefire’s Watermist based suppression system comes with the advanced fire detection technology based on the Heat Sensing Tube. This tube gives the entire kitchen hood a uniform protection compared to the point-based detection system used in conventional methods of kitchen fire suppression. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art discharge nozzles are designed to knock-off fire arising from any kind of cooking, be it deep-frying, grilling, shallow- frying, roasting, sautéing etc. These technologically advanced nozzles ensure enhanced throw and their strategic positioning rules out any possibility of a blind spot. All these features give the Chef flexibility to move the hot and cold stations without the fear of leaving the fire safe zone.

Ceasefire’s Wet chemical based Kitchen Suppression System relies on the powerful extinguishing properties of a foam agent that is developed with an optimized biological tolerance. This is possible as the agent is 90% water and 10% foam based chemical. The 99% biodegradable extinguishing agent of wet-chemical based kitchen suppression system forms a foam blanket on top of the fire, thereby eliminating entry of oxygen and killing fire instantly. At, the same time it contains 90% water and hence has a tremendous cooling effect that ensures there is no re-ignition of fire. As the agent is a wet chemical – foam, there is no flooding related collateral damage; moreover the agent residue can be used as a cleaning medium for the cook tops and equipments.
This kitchen hood suppression system too comes with the advanced fire detection technology based on the Heat Sensing Tube. This tube gives complete protection to the entire length of the kitchen hood compared to the conventional kitchen fire suppression systems. The discharge nozzles of this suppression system too are designed to knock-off fire that may arise from all types of cooking and covers the area under the hood completely. These advanced configurations of the system give chef the flexibility to interchange the cooking and preparation area without any hassle.