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At Ceasefire we know that our extinguishers and systems will be required to perform in a fire emergency where there will never be any scope for error. Our products will never have a second chance in the fight against fire. Every Ceasefire product is manufactured considering this reality of fire fighting. This is the reason every tiny component in our products is manufactured and assembled to top-notch & exacting standards.

Invest your time in this section to understand what makes Ceasefire fire fighting products hugely superior in quality on every small parameter than what's on offer from other manufacturers in the market. The Ceasefire quality promise rests in the little details of what makes our products the true lifesavers that they are.


From the quality of Steel & Metal thickness to the Deep drawn container shells, Valves, Agent filling & Paint process to Discharge fitments quality and outbound QC checks, the Ceasefire extinguishers are unmatched in standards.


New age fire detection technology and advance nozzle designs makes these hugely superior to conventional kitchen systems. Conferred with the most coveted, LPCB certification on LPS1223 standard.


Ensures mandatory Hydrostatic pressure test, de-stressing of the cylinder, fresh paint, new extinguishing agent filled in a de-humidified environment and all new discharge fitments.  A fresh warranty of 3 years.


An end result of our continuous pursuit of quality is the fact that our products today command upto three times higher fire ratings than the industry average. This factually answers anyone who questions the performance and quality of our products. 


State-of-the art discharge fitments, advanced MIG CO2 welding, a highly smooth wheeled base, Ceasefire wheeled extinguishers are built to perform in toughest of circumstances. 


Only CO2 extinguishers with unique Used/Unused indication, PESO certified, frost-fee & shock-proof discharge mechanism. Ceasefire CO2 extinguishers are setting global benchmarks in quality. 


Revolutionary technology for enclosed spaces protection come with best-in-class fire detection & activation technology. Certified by LPCB on LPS1666 standard.


An AMC service, backed by Ceasefire's unique Bar coding system making every product addressable, is redefining the way maintenance services are rendered.


Learn how your investments in purchase of Ceasefire fire safety products work out to be a far more cost - effective alternative. Buying Ceasefire products saves you money on multiple fronts.


Our quality is today endorsed by the world's top-notch quality agencies who carried out quality audits on our products with the most brutal quality standards laid out in the world. This is our biggest testimony 

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