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Why Upgrade?

A Ceasefire extinguisher, unlike any other off-the-shelf product, is a life saving device. The extinguisher body, with contents stored at high pressure, has been under constant strain. The inner tube, valves, rotors, nozzle and gauge deteriorate and loose efficiency.


6 years down, we can no longer offer a 100% guarantee that this equipment will do it's job to its peak standards. Which means if a fire breaks out, your extinguisher could underperform. Leaving you vulnerable at just the time you need protection the most. 


Given the breakthroughs in fire-fighting technology that have occurred in the last 5 years, we would recommend you an upgrade.

On offer is a whole new generation of fire fighters: cleaner, greener, more efficient, and zero-residue. A range designed to give you the most efficient and powerful fire fighting equipment in the market today.

Upgrade now!

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