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Fire Solutions for 
CNC Machines

From the exquisite wonders of technology, CNC Machines bring to the fore an effortless way of performing complex day to day operations at manufacturing units. While these highly advanced machines render numerous benefits to the industry, they also possess a significantly high risk of fire. 


CNC machines carry out repetitive robotic movements and use flammable oils, lubricants, and other metalworking fluids at high speeds and temperatures, this creates extreme levels of friction and heat that can eventually lead to a flash fire. Since these machines operate in automatic mode, they do not require human intervention 24 hours a day, which makes the situation even more alarming.

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Ceasefire: Where Fire Safety
Meets R

To mitigate fire risks in these high-value machines they must be equipped with customised and automatic fire suppression systems that can quickly detect and extinguish fires. With Ceasefire’s advanced fire suppression system you can take the safety of your equipment to another level. Our state-of-the-art solution is meticulously crafted to detect any sign of fire automatically and take immediate action to extinguish it, all without causing any collateral damage to your valuable equipment.


Our proven record speaks volumes – your business's well-being is our top priority. When you choose Ceasefire, you're not just choosing a fire safety solution. You're opting for a partner that's dedicated to upholding the utmost reliability, protecting your assets, safeguarding your business's continuity, and providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

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Fire Facts That Need Your Attention

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) specifies that CNC machines must be equipped with fire extinguishing equipment that is suitable for the type of fire that is likely to occur.

Common Causes Of Fire in a CNC Machine


Oil Based Coolants

Presence of Lubricants.png

Presence of Lubricants


Specialised Machining Metals


High Speed Operations


Unmanned Remotely Managed Operations

Cost of Not Addressing The Risk

Cost of Neglecting Box.png

 Rs 500,000 to 1 crore

Average Cost of a CNC Machine

Cost of Neglecting Box.png

7-15 Days

Average Down


Cost of Neglecting Box.png


Downtime Cost Per Hour

Cost of Neglecting Box.png

Rs.50 lacs to Rs.1 crore

Average of Cost of Damages Due to Fire

* Estimated costs as per industry experts and secondary data.

Safeguards in Just 3 Steps






Identifies fire at its origin through specialised Heat Sensing Tube.

The mechanism triggers autonomously, safeguarding even in unattended situations.


Extinguishes fire rapidly ensuring safety for individuals, machinery, and surroundings. 

Fusion of Flexibility and Expertise



Detects fires directly

from their origin.

Automatic Quelling

No human intervention required.

Equipment Friendly

Residue free clean extinguishing agent.

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Swift Set Up

Attain full defence within hours.

Self Reliant

Pneumatic mechanical activation, operates without any external power. 

Recommended Fire Solutions for:

Ceasefire fire solutions for CNC Machines include a range of Heat Sensing Tube Based Systems in both Direct and In-Direct system options in a wide variety of Clean gas based extinguishing agents ranging from  CO2, HFC236fa, HFC227ea and FK to suit every kind of requirement

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