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Fire alarm system acts as a watchful set of eyes that guard any kind of premises against fire; 24 X 7. The system aims to catch early signs of fire and alert the people in vicinity of the impending danger.

A fire alarm system is the first line of defence against fire. It is an amalgamation of fire detection & alarming devices working in tandem with each other with an objective to sense the initial signs of fire and warn people through visual and audible alarms.


Conventional Fire Alarm Systems: 

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The Ceasefire X Plus Pro-Sense Conventional Fire Alarm System is a time-tested and one of the most reliable system for ensuring fire safety of a premises. This system divides the premises into distinct zones. Each zone has its own set of detectors & alarm devices. These field devices within each zone are wired on a dedicated circuit. On being triggered, the panel is able to identify the circuit that contains the triggered device/ devices and thereby indicate the zone from where the fire alarm has come from.

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Addressable Fire Alarm Systems: 

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The revolutionary Ceasefire X Plus Addressable Fire Alarm Systems are the best in class detection and alarm system to safeguard the fire safety of a large premises.  As the name suggests, these systems are addressable systems i.e. each detector & device is connected on an addressable loop. Identity of each of the device is stored as a unique address in the panel. In case of a fire incidence the panel identifies and displays the exact location of the device that gone-off. This enables the fire fighter to track down the precise point of fire incidence so that there is no delay in fire fighting. The system is an ideal fire detection & alarm system for large premises that spread over a vast area.

The Ceasefire Addressable Fire Alarm Systems are broadly of three types.


These are:

a) Addressable Wired Fire Alarm System: The Ceasefire Addressable Wired Fire  Alarm System has a configuration where the field devices are wired onto the Intelli-Sense control panel via an addressable loop. Each device is electronically coded with a unique identification or 'address' through which the panel identifies the device. It is an extremely cost effective fire alarm solution.

b) Addressable Wireless Fire Alarm System: Many-a-times there are premises where hard-wired system is not a feasible option. A wireless alarm system is a perfect alarm solution for such premises. In Ceasefire Addressable Wireless Alarm System the control panel interacts with the field devices over a wireless network. In this configuration the system requires minimal wiring to connect the translator modules with control panel and makes the rest of the system wireless" making it an easy to install option and does not interfere with the work flow of the premises ensuring a zero down-time in installation.

c) Addressable Hybrid Fire Alarm System: The Ceasefire Addressable Hybrid Fire Alarm System has a configuration that is a very flexible adaptation of the system whereby wired and wireless devices can be added on the loops and are connected to the same panel.  This ideal mix of the wired and wireless integration can be cost effective and efficient solution for the fire safety of the premises that they secure.

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Extinguishing Alarm Panels:

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Rapid Sense Extinguishing Panels are more than just alarming solution. These panels are engineered for monitoring, detection, alarm as well as active extinguishing.

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Standalone Alarm Solutions:

Continuing the philosophy of customising fire safety to best suit the needs of a premises, Ceasefire in addition to the host of fire alarm and detection systems also has a range of stand-alone fire alarms. These stand-alone units can be adapted into any system or space to address the specific fire safety needs of the premises. Standalone fire alarms are independent systems and do not require any external power source nor do they require a panel to function.

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