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Are you Fire Ready after 2 years of the pandemic?

Understanding the importance of fire safety

There hasn't been a single individual in the last two years who hasn't been impacted by the COVID-19 virus in some way. It messed up people's daily lives. However, as the number of cases falls, the world is progressively returning to pre-pandemic conditions. With a less than 5% positivity rate, schools and offices are heading in the direction of welcoming back students and staff.

However, the important question is, “Are we fire-ready after two years of the pandemic? Are we prepared to tackle a fire instance on our premises?” While school and office teams are taking up all essential civil and structural repairs, the important aspect of fire safety often gets overlooked. One big reason behind this is the fact that the fire safety infrastructure is passive in nature.

With the onset of summers, the risk of fire due to excessive power consumption and short circuits rises. Hence, it is important that we take stock of our fire safety equipment and get them checked thoroughly for their functional preparedness.

One way good way of doing so is by signing up for professionally managed maintenance services. At Ceasefire, we recognize that certain spaces like schools and offices have distinct fire safety requirements due to the kinds of unique risks they face. This is the reason we have developed specialized extinguishers and systems to address the fire risk in such spaces.

For more details, visit us at or call us at 18001203473 or 9540666666 to schedule a free fire safety audit.

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