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Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Unveiling future-ready fire technologies for distinct environments at Fire India 2023

Witness the future of fire safety for distinct environments with Ceasefire
Witness the future of fire safety for distinct environments with Ceasefire

At Ceasefire we’ve always been at the forefront of innovation and developing technologies that define the future of firefighting.

Fire India 2023, one of the most significant events in the field of fire safety, is right around the corner. As the fire industry gears up to showcase its latest innovations, Ceasefire is set to steal the spotlight by presenting a range of futuristic technologies that will redefine how fires will be tackled in the times to come. Here’s what to expect at the Ceasefire Pavillion:

Application-Centric Solutions

With a strong focus on understanding distinct environments and their safety requirements, we have developed application-centric solutions that are tailored to address the unique challenges faced by them. By combining our cutting-edge technology with in-depth knowledge, our solutions are customised to safeguard the specific needs of these unique applications such as Commercial Kitchens, Manufacturing Setups, Precision Machines, Wind Turbines, Fume Cabinets, Surface and Sea Transportation and more, ensuring that they are effective and efficient to help businesses protect their assets and save lives.

Green Fire Fighting Solutions

In an era of growing environmental consciousness, Ceasefire is leading the way with green fire extinguishing solutions. These green extinguishers are designed to minimise the ecological impact of firefighting while maintaining the highest level of effectiveness. By incorporating eco-friendly extinguishing agents like Watermist, Fluorine Free Foam, and Clean agent Fluoroketone (outside of the F-gas ambit), we are making strides towards creating a more sustainable and responsible approach to fire safety.

Launching UL-Listed Kitchen Suppression System

We recognize the unique challenges posed by kitchen fires and are proud to introduce our ULtraX Kitchen Suppression System which today stands certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). This wet chemical-based system, with a provision for both mechanical and electrical activation, has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest industry standards and protects kitchens from a wide range of fires.

Futuristic Technologies Developed in Collaboration with DRDO

The most awaited revelation in the exhibition will be our technologies developed in collaboration with the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), featuring the most futuristic fire extinguishers and systems. These include technologies developed for highly strategic applications such as India’s space exploration programs and other highly reputed applications such as Naval Ship Engine Protection, Specialised Fire Protection Systems for Aircraft, Bus Passenger Compartment Fire Protection Systems and the most advanced Compressed Aerosol Fire Extinguishing System (CAFES).

These technologies are engineered to perfection in order to function flawlessly in highly challenging conditions where there is zero scope for error against fire. This groundbreaking collaboration with DRDO is a testimony to the fact that when it comes to fire safety, the best in the segment count on Ceasefire.

The exhibition will take place from 5th-7th October 2023 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, NESCO, Goregaon, Mumbai. We look forward to hosting you at Ceasefire Pavillion, C1 Hall No. 4.

Your presence is the spark that fuels our innovation. Click the button below to book a meeting with us. See you there!

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