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Data loss due to fire can ruin your IT Company

Fires can happen to anyone and that includes you. If you have an IT company or are responsible for managing the IT department of a company it is pertinent that you have a system in place to protect yourself from fires. In case of an IT company, data is of course, the most valuable asset, an asset that can bring you loads of money or loss of which could drive you to bankruptcy. The first step to protect yourself from fires is to create a backup process of your computer or group of computers. It is mandatory that you back up your data on external devices. You might also considering backing up data online

We would suggest you to go for a backup on a cloud based website. With cloud backups, you have the independence of location and devices and you can access your data from many places.  Search for reviews of online backups before finally deciding on a good one.

Install a clean agent fire suppression system in all server rooms – Fire extinguishers essentially come with either water, powder or clean agents and in case of a server room fire the first two categories will not be of much help as water cannot put out electrical fires and powder leaves behind residue after putting out the fire which can destroy electrical equipment. Make sure that you purchase extinguishers from a company that meets global standards ​and provides warranties. Insure your server room and business against fire damage – Make sure to buy insurance policies that will compensate your business in case of loss of data and server equipment. 

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