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Fire Safe Homes - Fire safety for one, fire safety for all

Fires are creating havoc everywhere. 62 lives are lost to fire every single day. Being a part of the fire safety domain Ceasefire has had an opportunity to have a closer look at these fire instances. On delving deep into these fire episodes a pronounced root cause of fire was identified and that was lack of knowledge on how to fight fire.

Most often the fire incidences start as a small flash of fire but, of lack of knowledge and inability to thwart fire in nascent stage itself, turns it into an inferno, taking a huge toll on life and property.

Ceasefire being a leader in the category has taken the onus to impart fire safety knowledge to the society in order to achieve its overall mission of fire safe India. Fire Safe Homes is a social initiative of Ceasefire that aims to bring fire safety awareness to the smallest denominator of the society i.e. homes.

As a part of this campaign, a team of experts from Ceasefire carry out fire safety sessions and live firefighting demonstrations at residential societies and corporate offices across the length & breadth of the country. During the session a team of fire safety experts acquaint the general public with fire, the science behind firefighting, fire prone areas at home and give firefighting tips. The session also includes live demonstration of fire extinguishers against real fires, where the attendees can volunteer for a hands-on experience on using a fire extinguisher.

Residential societies like Krishna Apra Apartment, Parsvnath Prestige, Gardenia Glory & Indraprastha Villa in NOIDA; Heritage Villa & Wellington Estates in Gurgaon; Arya Nagar in Delhi and corporates like Editor Ji, Genpact, Argil DX and Pro-Profs have all joined this movement. You can also join this fire safety movement by making your premises fire safe.

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