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Living with Coronavirus is a reality, fearing it is not!

The current Coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by surprise and changed the very way we live our day-to-day lives. While we prepare ourselves to live with this reality we will also have to make some intrinsic changes in our habits so that we can keep this infection at bay.

What we are dealing with is a highly infectious and virulent virus that can contaminate surfaces and gets transferred to humans who come in touch with these infected surfaces. Successful combat against the Coronavirus will depend on how effectively we keep our surroundings infection-free.

Offices, malls, restaurants and other places of public gathering are opening up and people are coming out of their confinement but this development comes with an elevated risk of contracting the infection.

The surface to human transmission is a major contributor of the viral spread and this is precisely why large-scale decontamination of surfaces especially the high-touch surfaces and high-density premises; is crucial like never before.

Keeping these in mind Ceasefire a leader in fire fighting technologies in partnership with Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) utilized its expertise in the mist technology & introduced a revolutionary Low Pressure Mist Based Area Sanitization Systems that can undertake large scale decontamination processes in the most effective and efficient


The system breaks down the decontamination agent into tiny droplets of fine decontamination mist. These mist droplets cover a large surface area as compared to conventional spraying methods, making the mist based sanitization process easy and effective. The system being mist based gives maximum coverage per litre of disinfectant, making it economical to use. Mist particles evaporate quickly reducing the need for post sanitization clean-up.

The Ceasefire sanitization range deploys two distinct propulsion technologies – the air cartridge based agent propulsion and motorised pump based agent propulsion. Both these technologies add distinct features to the product range making the range widely applicable to any kind of premises.

The system is ideally suited for large premises such as Offices, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Malls, Factories, Residential Societies, Airports, Railways & Bus Stations

Keen to more about this futuristic sanitization range, click here to know more.

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