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Put A Freeze On Christmas Holiday Fires

Holiday Christmas fire safety advice

While Christmas calls for celebration, it is also the time to pay attention to fire safety at your place. If not handled properly, many things enjoyed during this time, such as fairy lights, candles, trees, and decorations, can all turn into dangerous fire hazards.

Here are some of the best fire safety advice so that your home and business stay safe during this season.

1. Check your Christmas lights

Major Christmas fires get ignited by a little spark or short in the Christmas lights, so it's advisable to purchase them from a reputable retailer and do read the manufacturer’s instructions for the number of light strands to connect. Plugging in too many Christmas lights in one socket may lead to fire mishaps.

2. Switch off and unplug

People usually leave their Christmas fairy lights on overnight. But it is advisable to turn them off, as leaving them on may cause them to overheat and catch fire. Thus, switching off all electrical devices when not around is always a good idea.

3. Christmas decorations

The majority of decorations, including glitz, paper banners, and candles, are fairly combustible, so such items should be kept away from anything flammable such as computers, light fixtures, heaters, fireplaces, radiators, space heaters, heat vents, and other heat sources to avoid overheating and catching fire.

4. Christmas tree

It's crucial to place the Christmas tree away from any heat sources as it can quickly catch fire. To avoid this, water it daily to keep it fresh and prevent it from drying. It should not block any exits of the building. Also, make sure to remove it after the holiday season or when it is dry.

5. Fire alarm testing

Although it is a busy time of the year, this is no reason to put off testing your fire alarms. Fire alarms should be tested regularly so that they can be of use in case of an emergency.

6. Emergency situations

Nobody wants to deal with fire, especially around the holiday season. One should have all the necessary firefighting equipment installed for an emergency. Moreover, try to keep all fire exits and pathways clear to let everyone escape the building quickly in the event of a fire.


It's the season for ensuring holiday fire safety. Whether you're watching the fireworks, heading to a dinner party, or hosting at home, make your holiday season sparkle with joy, not fire.

Protecting your property can mean the difference between life and death, so it's critical to be alert and well-informed about fire safety procedures throughout the year. All it takes is a bit of extra care and focus to safeguard your loved ones from the dangers of fire while you enjoy the festivities that the season brings.


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