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Uncovering The Truth Behind Unauthorised Refilling: Why Not To Fall Trap?

The dangers with unauthorised refilling

The Issue

Picture a fire emergency, and your extinguisher fails to perform. Unfortunately, this is becoming all too common due to unauthorised refilling practices. While local refilling may sound like a convenient and tempting cost-saving trap, what are the repercussions that are being ignored?

The Dangers

Unauthorised refilling brings risks like incorrect extinguishing agents, improper pressure, and faulty seals. This not only jeopardises the extinguisher's functionality but could also render it completely useless in a fire emergency.

We deep-dived into this subject to assess all aspects that come into play to push customers into this trap, the legal implications and some key statistics associated with unauthorised refilling in our recent whitepaper, "Unauthorised Refilling of Fire Extinguishers: A Major Fire Hazard," 

Read this industry-acclaimed and highly-read white paper to come up to speed on this crucial subject connected with the safety of your premises.


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